Using Videos For a Better Conversion Rate

Online video publishing has indeed taken the Internet by storm in recent years, perhaps you have seen videos online, where at the end of the video you see a url pop up and they ask you to check out there website, using video for internet marketing is a great way to get new customers to your website.

Internet is full of information and the average attention span of a web user today is measured in seconds. When people use the search engines to find something, they will find thousands, even millions of search results; if they click on your link and go to your website, they may only spend a few seconds and little efforts to scan through what you are selling or proposing and decide whether your content, style, look and approach are a good fit for what they were actually looking for.

This is your only chance to get the attention of your potential customer, if you can get your customers attention with a clear message if you have a video on your first page that entices the visitor they may stay to watch and then click through your site to read more.

You may be asking yourself, if I put up a video on my site about my product or even have a lot of different videos on your web pages that your sales will jump overnight? Unfortunately it is not that easy, if this is your plan you must understand that this is not going to give you much of a different conversion rate.

In order to make your video to effectively market your products/services online and convey your product/service key traits and characteristics within a very short amount of time in a unique, memorable way. These are a few rules of thumb to follow:

1. Get Your Video Seen

If you decide to use video as a marketing tool, it must be able to see by as many web users as possible. With that in mind, you don’t want to just place the video on your website. You must be sure to distribute your videos to all the video sharing sites you can find this way not only is the video on your site but is now on other sites that allow people to share your video with others and they can even add your content filled video to there own websites.

2. Small File Sizes Load Fast

Surfing stats show that most people will only wait for 7 seconds on average for a site to load. If you page and video take more than 7 seconds to load, there is a good chance that your potential visitor will click away and not come back to your site. Keeping this in mind, keep your video file size below 1 megabyte, and check to make sure your video loads and plays quickly, this will help keep your visitors interested.

AVI is the most common video format, the file size can easily exist 10 megabytes for a short 2-3 minutes video; hence if you share your video in this format, you most probably will get a lot of visitors clicking away from your site because of long loading time of your video file. There for you have to convert your video to a smaller format like SWF.

3. Tell Your Visitors It’s A Video

If people don’t know that the empty black space is a video, they won’t play it, and while many people will already know it’s a video, many people will have no idea. Not everyone will know it’s a video so make sure you tell them by placing a small piece of text below the video box that says “Watch Our Short Video On ….”.

Let your potential customers know that it is a short video. No one wants to sit through a 30 minute presentation on the history of your company; Stay on track and keep your video as short as possible while keeping it full of pertinent information.

Using video for your internet marketing efforts can greatly increase your sales and conversions, but only if you set everything up correctly. Adding video to your site will give you a step up above your competition.

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