The Secret to Ezine Marketing – How Does It Work?

Thinking about using other people’s Ezines in order to increase your mailing list members and build your online presence? You probably already know that the most successful online entrepreneurs are those who have their own lists and are able to market to them again and again. So how can you begin to build your following today by connecting with other Ezine owners? If this is your goal and you are ready to get serious about Ezine advertising here are some things which you can start doing today.

The first one is to enroll in a membership with someone who has an Ezine directory. There are a lot of them out there where you can find out what the ezine is about, who the owner is and how many subscribers they have. This is the information which you must have in order to find out if connecting with an Ezine owner would even be worth your time. Once you have this information you can move to the next step of building a successful Ezine advertising campaign.

The next step is to contact the Ezine owner or representative with an offer for some kind of Joint Venture. This means that you sell your product to their list and when people buy from you, you split the profit with the Ezine owner fifty fifty. There are a few guidelines for doing this in order to make sure that the owner takes you up on your offer. First is to make it easy for them so that they do not have to do any extra work but say yes and sign up as an affiliate with you. Once you have this information you create the ad yourself and send it to them.

Be sure you pay your partners once you receive money from your customer. If you don’t do so, they will just loose their trust and you will not be able to have a joint venture with them again.

When it comes to payments, they should be fast and fair. Fair means 50 percent of your profit and not less, especially if you are just starting out, because if not, you might not find any people to accept your offer.

The final thing which you MUST do in order to win with joint ventures is begin immediately to build your own list. Imagine having your own list to market to and having people approach you with offers for joint ventures. This is the best way to build a long term business online which will empower you to generate income again and again.

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