Affiliate Income – Why Not? – Do 3 Things Today, Make Money Online As an Affiliate!

What Are You Going To Promote?

If your first starting out online as an affiliate marketer then the first thing you need to do is find a product to promote, “duh”. I’m trying to be funny. Anyways, it’s really simple…all you have to do is grab a piece of paper and start writing down your passions and interests.

Once you have your list, pick something, now you know what niche market your going to be starting out in.

Where Do You Find Your Affiliate Products?

This is going to be the easiest thing about affiliate marketing online! You can jump over to Clickbank and search over 10,000 products that correlate with your passions or interests.

If your not impressed with the ebooks there, you can jump over to Commission Junction, they have tons of physical products you can start promoting, even items on eBay! Both are again, free!

Ok, I have My Product – How Do I Get Traffic?

I’ll give you the secret to the fountain of life when it comes to traffic…ready? Ok! It’s called “free internet affiliate make money online insane strategies”. …sorry, I’m trying to be funny again.

One way to send tons of free traffic to your sites is writing articles. You would be amazed how easy it to write about something your interested in.

Go join a Google group and start posting helpful insights, or just be funny. When the opportunity comes up slip in your affiliate link.

Wiki-how has tons of content, you can edit articles to add your own opinion and in there, you can put a link to your product that your promoting.

I would stay away from pay per click until you start making money with some free traffic strategies first.

You can always go to YouTube and make some killer videos, I like doing this one. The main thing to do is master a type of promotion and stick with it.

Do Something!

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