10 New Year’s Physicians Blogging Resolutions

I’ve chosen to do something about it. Blogging is totally new with me and, as my buddies and editors will admit, I’ve created a lot of mistakes. So, having a chance to wipe the slate clean in the new year, here are my biggest blogging resolutions.

1. Don’t use pithy, clever, one word titles for posts that the google search would not find.

2. Maintain your entire post right. A couple days, not too short, juuuust right.

3. Know when to comment and when to post.

4. Don’t write blogposts like term papers. They are conversations with my online readers, not just a treatise

5. Set the hook in the beginning. Each post , like your elevator pitch, has 3 parts: the hook, the meat, and also the call to action.

6. Invite comments from my readers.

7. Connect the dots by using streaming services and links from other social networking sites to improve readership.

8. When a concept comes, record it. I won’t be embarrassed with a 3:52AM time stamp about the posting

9. Give my readers detail, not abstract musings or theory. They read my articles to have answers

10. Thank my readers .

I encourage your comments, appreciate your interest look at toward our conversations in 2011 at Freelance MD.

I wish you a healthy and prosperous Happy New Year.

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